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The SPED Force Gymnastics Special Needs Gymnastics/Ninja class is for children who want to learn gymnastics/ninja skills in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment. We know that all children are different, and it is vital for each child to have their own unique instruction. Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental  delays, PDD, communication disabilities, and more would benefit greatly from this small group gymnastics instruction


We meet your children where they are, and we work hard to get to know them and their interests to make connections with them.


We have coaches who are proficient in sign language, who have experience working with kids with special needs, and who love gymnastics!


Teaching gymnastics helps children not only physically but also in cognitive and self-esteem development. As each child grows more comfortable with each movement and piece of equipment, they also grow more confident in themselves.


Momentum American Fork also offers private 1 on 1 lessons to fit your child's needs!  Contact us with questions.

Note: Parents/Caretakers are welcome to stay and help participate or just watch if they want to enjoy a break. RBT'S and therapists are welcome, too.

Our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to participate in our gymnastics/ninja classes regardless of their abilities, background, special needs, or skill levels. We assist every participant to be able to push their limits and reach new goals. We will strive to meet and adapt to all individuals who participate in our program. We use our unique environment not only to learn gymnastics/ninja skills but to develop balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, social skills, communication skills, and provide a sensory experience through fun participation. We provide our staff with extra training, and the staff utilizes their acute interest in assisting participants with special needs.


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