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Michelle, (Nylaa)

I have looked and looked for a gym like this for my daughter with special needs.

And Allison is the best coach coming with this awesome gym. She signs with my daughter and really helps her progress and get strong. All my dreams fulfilled.


Tanna, (Lennon's mom)

When my sister told me about the special needs class the gym by her house was starting, I was excited, but I live in Taylorsville and I didn't think it would be worth the drive weekly to American Fork.

My mind was quickly changed! I took my 6 year old autistic son to their open house and he was SO excited to meet all the kids and get on the equipment, he didn't want to leave! They had several instructors that were experienced with ASD so we decided to try it for a month, and many months later, we are still going with no plans to stop anytime soon! My son has made friends in his class and he is so excited to go every week! It makes me so happy to see him thrive and be able to be in an extracurricular sport just like other kids his age. His balance and coordination has improved and he is learning new things weekly and trying new things that he watches the instructors and older kids doing. I've searched all over and so far this is the only class of its kind I've been able find. I tell everyone I know about it!

Brandi, (Xander's mom)

SPED Force Review from Brandi (Xander's mom): "My son loves going to gymnastics every week! He would spend hours there if he could. He is in the special needs class. This is one of the few special needs recreational activities offered in the area. We have been going for 3 months and I have seen my son learn a lot! He can do rolls with the right hand placement for safety, he has built muscle to swing on a rope, and he can get to the top of the climbing wall on his own. He has also made great friends with the other kids in his class. It is amazing watching them interact and enjoy their time. I would recommend this class for anyone with a child having special needs who loves being active.

Angelique, (Emily's mom)

I enrolled my daughter into Momentum's Special Needs Gymnastics class. She struggled with directions and attention as she had not even started school yet. Since starting she has improved not only with her listening and guidance, but her strength has improved so much. This class has allowed my daughter to do so many things that weren't available to her before. She loved it so much we signed up for all the summer camps and the preschool as well. I would definitely recommend you start your child here.

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